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.:FOKU!:. [TDIUA] by MochiChino .:FOKU!:. [TDIUA] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 4 0 .:General Character Meme:. by MochiChino .:General Character Meme:. :iconmochichino:MochiChino 8 5 .:Michael x Jeremy:. [BMC] by MochiChino .:Michael x Jeremy:. [BMC] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 13 14 .:I'm      okay:. [VENT] by MochiChino
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.:I'm okay:. [VENT] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 10 18
.:Crimzin as Negan:. [BUKUMIS] by MochiChino .:Crimzin as Negan:. [BUKUMIS] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 10 1 .:PMTK X JEFF!!:. by MochiChino .:PMTK X JEFF!!:. :iconmochichino:MochiChino 4 2 .:Mochi Chino:. [BUKUMIS] by MochiChino .:Mochi Chino:. [BUKUMIS] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 9 3 .:relaxation:. [BUKUMIS] by MochiChino .:relaxation:. [BUKUMIS] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 13 2 .:Syco Topa:. [IN A DAZE-Y] by MochiChino .:Syco Topa:. [IN A DAZE-Y] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 11 1 .:LJ TOFFI:. [BUMUMIS] by MochiChino .:LJ TOFFI:. [BUMUMIS] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 12 0 .:HEY YO WESTERBURG!!:. by MochiChino .:HEY YO WESTERBURG!!:. :iconmochichino:MochiChino 17 8
.:Mary Sue test (again):.
[X] Does your character have a wierd/crazy hair color?
[X] Is your character super beautiful/handsome and everyone loves him/her?
[] Does your character constantly angst over small things?
[X] Does his/her inner dialogue stretch for more than two paragraphs?
[X] Does it take more than two paragraphs to describe what your character looks like?
[X] Does it take more than two paragraphs to describe what your character acts like?
[X] Do other characters have a completely unfounded and unbased love for your character [If there is no backstory or growth between the two and the other character[s] suddenly tell people that they love him/her]?
[X] Is your character's name extremely KAWAII DESU or GRIMDARK?
[X] Is your character definitely the cutest or darkest thing ever, for forever ever?
[X] If your character is in an already made story, are the other characters still in character?
[X] Does your character talk a whole lot?
[X] Does your character constantly talk about things that they like/do
:iconmochichino:MochiChino 5 0
.:Wanna cup of Drain Cleaner?~:. by MochiChino .:Wanna cup of Drain Cleaner?~:. :iconmochichino:MochiChino 18 6
.:400 questions lmao:. [PART 1]
found this and it might make me finally pass out
the full thing was actually making NY kindle almost crash, so this'll be a two-parter
Are you ready for this? There are 400 questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Name: Sydney
2. Nickname(s): Syd, Pipib, Pip, Scab (she'll cut a bitch)
3. Birthday: Nov 12 2003
4. That makes you: 13
5. Where were you born: Wisconsin
6. Location right now: Wisconsin
7. Shoe size: 8.5 I think
8. How many piercings?: 0, but I want snake bites
9. Tattoos?: 0, but I want a small galaxy somewhere
10. When you wake up you're: making coffee
11. When your about to sleep you're: not able to whoops
12. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
13. Chinese sign: idk, I think that it was a monkey
14. Righty or Lefty: righty
15. Innie or Outie: innie
16. School: McKinley middle school
Section Two: Looks
17. Nationality: American
20. Weight: idk
21. Height: 5'2"
22. Braces? Nah
23. Glasses? Nah
:iconmochichino:MochiChino 3 1
.:FlutterShy~:. [MLP] by MochiChino .:FlutterShy~:. [MLP] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 22 1 .:Heya!!~:. [vent i guess] by MochiChino .:Heya!!~:. [vent i guess] :iconmochichino:MochiChino 17 1



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I'm Dabulous~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Heyo, the name's Pipib or Pip for short. I am a digital and traditional artist, but I don't normally post traditional are because my camera is really bad.
I'm 13 and a Scorpio, born on November 12
~They/Them pronouns
I'm working on 4 comics
~The Demons Inside Us All (TDIUA)
~The Three Idiots (T3I)
~In a Daze-y
Music I like
~Get Scared
~Three Days Grace
~Be More Chill
~Dear Evan Hanson
~Anything poppy or emo basically
If you're ever feeling bad, I'm always here to talk to!~~~~~~~~~~
Boyfriend ~ mcdavey13
Cool People
~ Paladin360
~ Sinful-Slime
~ Gravityflower
~ Dragae
~ grassa48
~ bloodstainDew
More about me:…



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.:General Character Meme:.
Blank meme:…

BLUE IS GREAT (cause i am~ (jk))
Q: Please draw your wonderful character! <3

Q: What colour do you associate with this character? Draw this character wearing accessories or clothes with that colour.
A: (it's blue if you can't tell)

Q: What do you like best about this character?
A: it me

Q: What do you want to do with this character? Hug, kiss, or shake?

Q: One last thing you'd like to say about your character?
A: has deepthroated: an icecream sandwich, a bottle (brie took a pic of it and sent to to jackson (imma murder her one day), a banana (also a brat lol)

Q: Draw some of her friends!
A: (from left to right)
My young owl Chewbacca - o0FluffPuff0o
Snorp (also flat chested ace) - MoPeeps
Eat My ass - brie
Edgy vampire boyfriend (secretly JD) - mcdavey13
Gay biscuit - tyler
.:I'm okay:. [VENT]
TW: Self harm, abusive

this a vent I did last night (i barely slept since i drank a mountain dew)
i've been kinda having problems with my dad. no, i haven't been fighting with him, no no, the problem is that i'm afraid to turn out like him.
right now i'm almost nothing like him negatively, other than our anger problems, but there's always a part of me that can't see past that... I'm a super nice and forgiving person (at least that's what my friends say), but I feel like my dad whenever I get mad and... I'm trying everything to not be like him...
Some of my story:
My dad has always been abusive, even before i was born. I am his only child, my sister and brother are from a different man. My dad used to hang my siblings up by a rusty nail on the wall when they were younger. He's an imitating guy, he's large and when he walks into a room, the mood darkens, so you might imagine why my siblings never told my mom (my mom's a good person, don't worry). Back in... I'd say 2007 or so , my dad had lost his job, now, this would've been fine because we had life saving, but... He had spent all on some fucking porn. I'm not sure about too much since I was very young, but I do remember my father abusing my brother for so long, it once got so bad, that I had went to school and told my teacher. I was in first grade. We made books, and there was a page that was titled "I wish" or something like that ( McDavey knows what I'm talking about) and it said "Wish for your family" and me, a 1st grader, wrote "that my dad and brother would stop fight" and drew a little picture of my dad and brother with devil horns and my sister, mum, and me on the other side scared and shaking. There's many other things and I might talk about that in another pic. Not too long ago, my brother snapped on my brother right before I was going to pick up my boyfriend. I came down SHAKING. I've dealt with this for so long that I've gained a PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for yelling. I'm not one to get scared, but that shit scares the hell out of me. I felt uneasy for the rest of the day. My brother and mum rant about my dad a lot with me. We're usually in the kitchen, my mum sitting down at the table, brother standing up, and I'm on the counter. Every time, I'm almost silent. I grip my arms and hang my head a lot. All the has cause so much fucking stress on me and it made me break and cut myself again (dont worry only... 34 new cuts... haaaa).
Thanks for anyone who actually read all of that shit. I honestly appreciated it. I have a super long story and some of my friends dont even know.
i wanna thank some of my friends for always being there for me
mcdavey13 i love you so much, you don't realize how much i enjoy your presence and how proud i am to be your girlfriend. I would give anything up to be with you everyday
o0FluffPuff0o I hope everything gets better for you. I really hope you find that perfect someone. Always remember that there's someone looking out for out
MoPeeps one day i swear to the love of god, i will murder the next person who tries to even touch you. I really hope your anxiety gets better, even of you have to take pills
.:Mochi Chino:. [BUKUMIS]
Here's my baby that's basically me
Also, a typo in her story, she's actually 17 whoops
Name: Mochi Nala Chino
Gender: She/Her
Age: 17
Weapon: Ice powers
~Loves to work at her café
~loves animals
~cinnamon bun
~will cheer you up
~her feelings don't matter to her
~Knee highs
~Brushing her hair
~CatCallers (those guys on the street that holler and whistle at girls lol)
~ Neon colours

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